Five Tips For Starting a Podcast From Home

Posted on February 21, 2023
Podcast From home with Trifecta Wireless

Do you have something you are passionate about? Why not share your knowledge with the world by starting your own podcast? Although the process might seem intimidating at first, it doesn’t have to be. Here are 5 tips to help you get started from home.

Pick Your Niche

If you’ve thought of starting a podcast, chances are you already have some idea of what you want to talk about. For example: maybe you’re an avid comic book collector or have a love for obscure stories from history. You can channel that passion and knowledge into a podcast that interests other like-minded people.   

Having a specific theme for your podcast will help you target your audience. Once you’ve built rapport with them, they will return to listen to new episodes. Therefore, it’s important to get specific on what you’d like to talk about. If you jump between different subjects in each episode, you’ll be targeting different audiences, which may keep you from growing a consistent fan base.

Once you’ve decided on the topic for your podcast, look for other successful podcasts within your niche and listen to their episodes. Jot down tips and tricks you learn from them and apply those to your own podcast. 

Stand out with Catchy Titles and Descriptions

How long do you scroll through Spotify looking for a new podcast to listen to? Probably just long enough to read suggested podcast titles and click on the first one that catches your eye. Then, you’ll glance at the episode titles, read their descriptions, and if they sound interesting enough, you’ll finally listen to an episode. 

Remember, many of your podcast visitors may never listen to one word you say unless you have a compelling show title with an interesting description and catchy episode titles. Put yourself in the shoes of your listeners and ask yourself, “What subjects would catch my attention? What value could I get from this podcast?”

Collaborate With Interesting Guests 

A great way to promote your podcast when you’re just starting out is by working with someone who already has an established online audience. Find another podcaster who is well known or very knowledgeable in your niche and invite them to collaborate with you. This can make your podcast show up in results when people are searching for content from that creator.

Remember: Exposure = subscribers and subscribers = customers for whatever you’re promoting in your ad spots. Customers = monetization!  

Stick to Consistent Formats

Decide how you want your podcast episodes to flow, and then stick to your outline. Here’s one example:

·       Two-sentence intro/synopsis of the episode

·       Introductory music

·       Introduction of host/co-hosts

·       Teaser of episode content

·       Ad spot

·       Main content

·       Outro music/closing 

Stay Connected with a Reliable Internet Connection

All podcasters would agree that there is nothing worse than getting halfway through uploading a new podcast episode just for the upload to fail. With a sinking feeling in your stomach, you realize that your internet has gone down and you have to start all over from the beginning. To keep this from happening, make sure your cellular internet is reliable before you start uploading, especially if you live in a rural area

Are you struggling to find reliable cellular internet in rural areas? Look no further than Trifecta Wireless to get you connected when starting your podcast. We are a contract-free service that helps users gain fast and reliable internet access with ease using cellular networks. Contact us to learn more about our unlimited data mobile routers or get started on our website today.

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