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Fixed Wireless vs Satellite Internet

Posted on August 22, 2023

When you are shopping for a new internet option, you may discover that you have multiple options available to you. You will see terms like “fixed wireless internet”, “line of sight internet” (also called LOS internet), and “satellite internet”. What do these terms mean, and which one is the best option for your home or business?

Satellite internet and fixed wireless internet are types of internet that offer an alternative to DSL or cable, and they are especially popular in rural areas. This is because rural internet options are often limited, and cable and internet infrastructure is expensive, so these high speed options may not be available. 

A similarity between fixed wireless and satellite internet is that they both transmit internet signals from a distribution point to an access point. The difference between them is that fixed internet is from a fixed location in the form of a tower not too far from you whereas satellite internet is broadcasted from a satellite.

What is LOS internet? LOS stands for line of sight, and line of sight internet is another term for fixed wireless internet. What does it mean? Line of sight refers to the imaginary line representing the direct path from the transmitter to the receiver. The clearer the line of sight, the better the wireless internet connections will be.

Now you’re probably wondering, which kind of internet is best for you? This will be a decision you will have to make, but there are some factors to consider.

First, think about the distance between the distribution point to your receiver. While a fixed wireless internet package works with a local tower, the satellite’s internet distribution point is about 22,000 miles away because it’s a satellite orbiting the earth. This distance can create a large discrepancy in the quality of service you will get with satellite vs. fixed wireless. The latency, or speed at which data travels to the access point, will be better with fixed wireless. That means that with satellite wireless, your connection is likely to often feel laggy or delayed. The weather can interfere with satellite internet too, because the signal has to travel through the atmosphere to get to you. This is less of a problem with fixed internet, although strong winds can potentially blow an antenna system out of place.

Of course, your preferred internet service may not be available where you live. Internet providers tend to focus on areas with high population density, so rural customers tend to have fewer options. Satellite and fixed internet are the most common services in those rural areas. However, in very remote areas, fixed wireless internet may not be available. That’s because, in order to receive fixed wireless internet, your location must be within the line of sight of a tower delivering this service.

At Trifecta Wireless, we believe that escaping the hustle and bustle of the city shouldn’t mean you’re stuck with slow wireless. Living in a rural area shouldn’t cause you to lose out on fast and reliable internet access, and we are here to make sure it doesn’t.

Using America’s largest cellular networks, we offer fast, reliable rural internet connection in all 50 states, with no contracts and none of the questionable billing practices you may have encountered with DSL and satellite internet providers. We are here for you, with unlimited 4G rural internet that offers modern convenience, with straightforward setup and pricing and a money back guarantee. To learn more or get started, call or text us at 616-881-1188 or contact us through our website.

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