Rural vs Urban Living: Pros and Cons

Posted on February 16, 2023

There are pros and cons to living in the city or residing in a more rural area. Let’s take a look at the pros of rural life as well as the pros of city life.

The Pros of Rural Life 

Tired of leading a fast-paced life in a city that seems to get busier and noisier every day? Wish you could look out your window to see miles of untampered natural landscape? Maybe you should look into relocating to a small town or purchasing a plot of land outside the city.

Housing and Land

According to the Federal Housing Finance Agency, the average home price in the US jumped almost 20% since 2020. However, this shift hasn’t affected rural areas quite as much. If you decide to move to a quiet, smaller town, chances are there is more land available for sale at a significantly cheaper price than you’d find in your large hometown.

Untouched Nature and Less Pollution

Another pro to consider is that rural areas allow you to connect with nature more easily. Because there are fewer large buildings around (homes, businesses, factories, etc) you will notice a lot more natural beauty, as well as less pollution in the air. Want a large yard for your dog to play in and a gorgeous forest for your kiddos to explore? These will be difficult for your real estate agent to accommodate in the city, but much easier to find in a rural area. 

Happy Pets 

If you love animals and would like to have a lot of them, rural life is perfect for you. You can take your dogs for long walks in nature, put your horses out to pasture, raise egg-laying chickens in the back yard without fear of disturbing your neighbors, or turn an empty plot into a nice home for goats, pigs or other animals. 

 The Pros of City Life

Many people grow up in a small town and relocate to the big city to pursue their passions, further their education, or find a better job. There are many advantages to living in a big city, especially if you’re a young single person just entering the excitement of adulthood. 


One great advantage of living in the city is the convenience of having everything so close. Need to go shopping? Feel free to cross the street and hit your local Whole Foods. Want to open a business checking account? Good thing there’s a bank right next-door! Some people even choose to sell their cars when they move to a large city because public transportation is more affordable and everything is so close. 

Medical Care

If you get ill or injured in a large city, you can rest assured that great medical care isn’t far away. Rural areas just don’t have the same amount of the facilities and resources available in large cities. In addition, you’ll often need to travel a lot farther to reach a medical facility. This can be tough, especially in the case of an emergency. 

Food and Entertainment

Because big cities are so highly populated, opportunities for excellent food and entertainment are higher. You’ll never run out of great new restaurants to try or new things to do in a large city. You may also find it easier to make new connections and friendships due to just how many people you’ll run into in your day-to-day life. 

In Closing

There are pros and cons to living in a rural area or in the city. Eventually, it comes down to you as an individual and what lifestyle works best for your goals and personality. Neither the city nor the country is inherently more superior. 

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