Work From Anywhere: 7 Great Places to Work Remotely

Posted on February 07, 2023

The opportunity to work from wherever you want is only a dream for many people. If you’re lucky enough to have landed a fully remote job, don’t take it for granted! There are many places that you can work from, and this article is going to provide you with 7 new ideas that you can use to spice up your workday. 

Coffee Shops

Coffee shops are one of the most common places people go to work or study. It’s inspiring to do your work while you’re surrounded by other productive people. It’s also very common for coffee shops to provide free Wi-Fi access and plenty of outlets to charge your phone and laptop. And the best part, of course, is being able to enjoy a refreshing iced coffee or nice warm latte while you work! 

You may find it’s very productive to work from a coffee shop–especially if you work from home every day. Switching up your view and environment can help you focus better. Coffee shops usually have bathrooms, bottomless water refills to keep you hydrated, and even snacks or other food options to keep you fed all day as you work. 


 A public park is an excellent place to work from, especially if you have young children. The kids can play on the playground while you sit nearby on a bench to get some work done.  

Research has found that working outside in nature can boost productivity and heighten mental clarity. Spending time outside can also boost your immune system, lower your blood pressure, and reduce stress. Even just looking at greenery is a highly effective stress reliever, so if it’s not practical for you to work from a park, try to at least get a bit of time outside during your work day.

Museums and Galleries

Struggling with creativity? Try finding a local art museum or gallery and take your work there for the day!  Putting yourself in a creative environment is sure to spark some ideas of your own. Seeing what others have accomplished can help you stay motivated when you’re in a rut. Museums and galleries often have restaurants or cafes in-house where you can sit for a few hours to eat and work. Be sure to use your break time to glean new inspiration!

However, be respectful of how long you stay at public spaces. Some businesses don’t want a remote worker staying all day taking up space. It’s polite to always purchase food and/or a beverage if it is served. Double check with the manager or owner and ask if it’s okay for you to stay for a few hours. 

Bookshops and Libraries

Bookshops and libraries are excellent places to get your highly focused work done. They promote a quiet distraction-free environment, making it easy to keep your mind focused on your work. They often have tea or coffee, and sometimes even printing facilities! Plus many people go to libraries, especially to work or study, so if you are missing the element of working with other people, some silent company may scratch that itch. 

A Friend’s House

Have a friend who also works a remote job? Plan a work date at their house one week, and your house the next. It will change up your environment, and working with a friend can motivate you to be more productive. Set a timer together for a few hours and work in silence until it goes off. Take your lunch break together to chat and get caught up but be sure to stay focused when the timer is ticking.

Coworking Spaces

Coworking is when a few friends or acquaintances pitch in to rent out an office space to share. This will save you on renting costs and other fees associated with renting an office such as receptionist services, parcel acceptance services, and even refreshments in some cases. This also creates a sense of community. Remote workers tend to feel a lot more isolated, especially if they have recently transitioned from working closely with coworkers. It’s important to stay social. 

For example, in New York City there is a coworking space called “Serendipity Labs”. You can purchase a coworking membership which includes access to all common areas such as complimentary beverages, lounges, private meeting rooms high speed internet and printing, and professional customized catering services. This particular space is widely known for its work-culture and many friend groups come together to share the office space and work with each other. 

 If you’re still looking for ideas for more places to work from, try “WorkFrom”. It’s a locator for finding remote-worker friendly spots nearby. 

The Gym

Do you love multitasking and being highly productive? Try taking a work call while you’re walking on the treadmill or riding the stationary bike.  If that’s not feasible, alternate typing and working out. Most gyms have cafes and seating areas, so get your blood pumping before you get your fingers pounding on that keyboard! If you’d like to keep your workout at home, look into purchasing a treadmill desk. Moving your body has extreme health benefits and helps you focus a lot better. 

Tips for Working in Public Spaces

Public workspaces have their own guidelines and unspoken rules. Be respectful when you’re using them as your own. If you regularly meet clients, find a private place to do so. It’s not professional to take your clients to a public place filled with noisy customers. It’s also not a good idea to hold video meetings in a similar environment. 

A solid internet connection is a must when working remotely, but you need to be careful. When you’re in public, be careful with connecting to free Wi-Fi. Try to always access sensitive information on a private connection. Use a VPN network connection when you’re out and about or bring your own router. Trifecta Wireless is a trusted provider of unlimited 4G rural internet for individuals located around the US. Our contract-free cellular internet membership comes with transparent pricing and no data limits. You can take our router with you wherever you decide to work as long as there is a power source to plug it into. Try us risk-free today by signing up for a membership on our website.

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