Unlimited Wireless High-Speed Internet

No Data Limits - No Throttling

No Contracts - No Credit Checks

How It Works

Step One

Place your order and we will ship you an unlimited data router.

Step Two

The router connects to a cellular tower and creates a WiFi signal

Step Three

Connect to the router and enjoy High-Speed Unlimited internet at home, or on the go!

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14 Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee

If you are not completely satisfied with your service return your device within 14 days for a complete refund.

What Our Customers Say

  • All of the internet options in our area were either unaffordable, or didn't work at our house. We almost gave up and went without internet. This Service works great at our house and is affordable! We love that we can take it with us when we go in the camper too! We can finally stream shows for the kids and I am so happy to not have to search for different providers anymore!

    Billie C, Vici OK
  • Before we discovered Trifecta Wireless we didn't have internet available at our house. It was unbelievably frustrating. Now that we have this set up we can be in any area of our home and have fast services while also having someone on the Xbox. After living in the same spot for years with what seemed like no chance of having internet, life is now a totally different story. Now I can do my homework for nursing school at home, watch Netflix while cooking dinner, and my husband can be doing his gaming on the Xbox.

    Kelsey H, Stonewall LA
  • Before Trifecta Wireless we could not hook up all of our devices and be online at the same time. Now we love having internet that is portable and capable of handling multiple devices online at the same time. The kids are happy that they can play their games online while we can download a show, or work from home.

    Misty W, Brownsboro TX
  • We used to have very slow service and not many options besides satellite internet that had restrictions and still had issues. It was extremely frustrating because it felt like there were no other options until I was told about Trifecta Wireless from a friend. Now we have much faster internet service, excellent customer service and amazing trouble shooting. When we realized this was working great we were in awe. We didn't want to tell anyone on our street because we didn't want to slow it down Lol. In all honesty it was simply an amazing feeling being able to run multiple computers, phones, and tablets all at one time, all while streaming Netflix. Truly life changing.

    Brian B, Brownsboro TX
  • Before Trifecta Wireless, internet providers couldn't supply us with the internet that we needed or wanted, which was very irritating. With Trifecta Wireless the price is a little higher, but not by very much and the internet speeds are on a completely different level. I have been on this plan for quite some time not and it's spectacular.

    Kelby B, Camargo OK
  • We used to have limited bandwidth and speed, no coverage and dropped service. It didn't make sense, I offered to pay more to get better service and the providers didn't care. It was a set price and speed. With Trifecta Wireless I have speed, reliability, consistency, ease of billing and dependability. I put your service to the test by watching a movie and got great service and speed... it was finally fixed. I can now get my work done on time and have confidence the unit will work.

    Clinton H, Fredericksburg VA

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