3 Ways You Can Secure Your Wireless Internet Connection

Posted on August 22, 2022
3 Ways You Can Secure Your Wireless Internet Connection

Regardless of where individuals live or work, wireless internet technology allows people around the world to stay connected to their devices—and each other. However, the internet also opens a door to potential online threats. Unauthorized users or hackers may venture into a personal network via Wi-Fi access points or unsecured routers.

Curious about the best practices for locking out external access and protecting private data? A security-mobilized router is the strongest line of defense against wireless thieves. In addition, here are three ways you can secure your wireless internet connection.

Update Everything: Change Default Names and Passwords

Every wireless connection has a public network service set identifier, also known as an SSID name. You will find preset names to be generic to brand or model, meaning users should update their own network name to something more unique. Just be sure that the new name or phrase doesn’t reveal too much identifying info about a household or business, or any clues about passwords.

Similarly, neglecting to set or update default passwords is similar to leaving your doors and windows open 24/7—anything you do can be visible to anyone who might be watching. Don’t overlook the importance of using a secure password; set a custom and lengthy password containing a combination of letters, numbers, and symbols so determined hackers can’t easily crack the code.

Take Advantage of Modern Encryption Settings

Is your network encryption up to standard? Encryption is a must-have and must-use feature of Wi-Fi routers. Review your Wi-Fi encryption settings, accessible with your IP address and login credentials. Ensure you have the latest protocol, such as WPA3 or WPA2, available and enabled. Most wireless routers have encryption, yet the function may be turned off by default.

This simple security method encrypts data sent between your devices and the wireless channel. Take note: if not enabled during setup, turning on encryption and resetting the router will disconnect any individuals or devices previously connected to the wireless network.

Create an Internet Security Plan With Firewall Features

Want to take a network security plan to the next level? Using multiple firewalls is another effective strategy to secure your wireless internet connection. Firewalls serve as an additional defensive barrier between your protected network and any unauthorized users. Certain routers have built-in firewalls to defend against external attacks.

These hardware or software security systems prevent suspicious data from coming in and out of a wireless network. For those concerned about securing their internet connection, consider using private firewall features on your devices alongside standard router security measures.

Trifecta Wireless: A Reliable Internet Connection

Searching for high-speed internet options for rural areas? Stay fully connected with unlimited cellular internet from Trifecta Wireless. The setup process is straightforward to keep your connection consistently fast, safe, and secure. Simply take the mobile router out of the box, update default names and passwords, and double-check the Wi-Fi settings and features. Contact us with any questions about our wireless internet services today.

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