Tips for Managing Your Internet Data Usage

Posted on August 04, 2022
Tips for Managing Your Internet Data Usage

Wondering what’s gobbling up your data? Internet data usage refers to the amount of data your connected devices regularly upload or download. Several key factors contribute to increased usage in our digital age, including frequent activity, streaming, and data-hungry websites and applications.

Are you unsure how to stay on top of your usage day to day? High data consumption can be a major pain for the average internet user, but a little strategic management can help reduce your data burn rate. Read through our list of tips for managing your internet data usage.

Measure With Monitoring Tools or Software

If you’re on a month-by-month plan, closely monitoring your monthly data usage is the best method for preventing unexpected overages. Certain internet activities require more data use than others. Keeping an eye on the numbers can provide a clearer idea of how much data you regularly use—and, if needed, when you should slow down.

The most widely-used approach is downloading computer monitoring software or mobile monitoring applications. Innovative browser extensions can also help you reduce usage through data-saving modes.

Keep an Eye on Connected Devices

Managing your internet data usage is easier when you’re aware of which devices use the most data in your home. Keep in mind that every single device connected to your home internet network—wired or wireless—uses data, even when you’re not aware of it. For this reason, remember to power down or disconnect devices when not actively in use.

Exit Web Pages After Use

Do you use a personal computer to surf the internet? Web pages are often full of ads, audio clips, GIFs, and autoplay videos that may repeat on loops or play for an extended time. If you keep multiple tabs up when browsing or working, consider which pages actually need to be kept open. Otherwise, background browser activity or social media feeds are common culprits for eating up your precious data.

Double-Check Your Mobile Apps and Settings

Do you use all of the downloaded apps on your smartphone or tablet? If you don’t, delete data-draining applications you’re not currently using. If you do, be sure to disable auto-updates that trigger data consumption without your knowledge. Additionally, aim to disable automatic push notifications from applications. Closing frequented apps is another recommendation to minimize extensive data usage. Open apps send and receive data, even when your phone or tablet is locked.

Opt for Unlimited Data Plans When Possible

Internet users can save on data usage by shifting everyday activities to an unlimited data home internet plan. Remote workers, hardcore gamers, and streaming enthusiasts will benefit from running their devices on this option. Either way, managing data usage comes down to finding an internet data plan that’s just right for your needs—and with high-speed reliability in your location.

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