How Living in a Remote Area May Affect Your Cellular Internet

Posted on June 23, 2022
How Living in a Remote Area May Affect Your Cellular Internet

Many rural residents face a common problem: terrible quality internet speeds or completely nonexistent internet options. According to the Federal Communications Commission, almost 40 percent of Americans living in rural communities lack adequate access to high-speed internet. As a result, you may want to thoroughly research your options before moving to a rural area

How does living in a remote area affect broadband or cellular internet? Many rural users will experience complications in some shape or form when trying to get connected. Here’s a general overview of how living in a rural area might impact your internet access and what you can do to be prepared.

Rural-Specific Challenges: Natural Interference

Fast and dependable internet service is an essential component of daily life for most people. While internet access used to be a luxury or a nice-to-have perk, it has become an integral part of today’s society. For this reason, an unreliable internet connection can cause havoc for anyone who needs stable service for activities such as working remotely, taking online classes, streaming movies, or gaming.

Why is it so much harder to have fast internet when living in a rural area? The natural environment is to blame in large part. Rural areas’ natural conditions are more likely to affect power lines and sensitive equipment. Even people who do have an internet connection are likely to encounter issues with unreliability related to weather and other natural forces. In addition, physical technological barriers in the natural world present a unique challenge in rural areas. Hills, lakes, rivers, forests, and even vegetation can interfere with establishing networks and wireless internet signals.

High-Speed Internet: Not Standard Utility

High quality internet networks are not easy or cheap to build. For this reason, many service providers will not invest in building broadband networks in areas without a large number of potential customers.

Since rural homes and businesses are far apart from each other—and high-speed internet is not a standard utility service—reliable service providers can be few and far between. You won’t find traditional providers allocating resources to the homes in the country. Unconnected residents must instead turn to alternatives for access to internet service, such as cellular internet. If you can get a solid signal from cell towers near your address, living in a remote area does not have to affect the reliability of cellular internet connection.

Options To Access Rural High-Speed Internet

Many of the alternatives for rural internet service are less than ideal. Nobody wants to have to use slow, spotty, and expensive services such as DSL, Satellite, or dial-up. You may find these internet options to be problematic due to high costs, unreliability, and congestion-related throttling. However, there are other options. Routers that use a cellular signal to provide unlimited data can be the solution to creating an affordable and dependable connection for your family–even in a rural area.

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