Life on the Road: How To Live and Work in an RV

Posted on August 02, 2022
Life on the Road: How To Live and Work in an RV

Is home really where the heart is? Or is home simply where you choose to park your RV? Living life on the open road is a one-of-a-kind adventure, with the freedom to go anywhere you choose at any time. However, living—and working—in an RV is not as simple as it seems. Newcomers escaping the rat race of the 9–5 office life must learn how to navigate a number of changes to their everyday lifestyle.

Are you thinking of doing a 180 and learning to have a life on the road? We’re here to help you live and work successfully in an RV and overcome the steep learning curves. All you need to do is find a rig and start thinking like an authentic digital nomad. Read on for our general guide regarding life on the road: how to live and work in an RV.

The RV Lifestyle: What’s a Workamper?

The RV living experience comes in all shapes, forms, and sizes. But what, exactly, is a workamper? Essentially, it’s just a term for a person who works a job while camping or traveling in their RV.

You can consider yourself a workamper if you are an individual who lives on the road while employed part-time or full-time. Workampers come from all walks of life and choose this lifestyle to satisfy their need to travel, experience extraordinary adventures, and simply reap the benefits of RV living full-time.

Balance: The Ability To Work Hard and Play Hard

The most difficult part of life on the road is balancing travel days and stationary days alongside work time and playtime. Working on the road allows people to live life on their own terms by working hard and playing hard at the same time. There are common obstacles to overcome during the transition, but it will get much easier once you have the fundamentals in place.

The Full-Time Road Trip: Top Factors To Consider

When beginning a life on the road, new RVers must set realistic work and travel expectations—learning how to live and work in an RV isn’t easy. Nobody wants to work long hours without structure while traveling around the country; here are the top factors to consider to help balance work, play, and travel time before setting out.

Budget: Finding and Maneuvering the Vehicle

You can make RV living as expensive or inexpensive as desired to accommodate your needs. The main goal is to find an RV that meets your current or future goals and is a good fit for your traveling style. Remaining within your budget is possible with a clear vision and plan to live your full-time dream RV life. Consider what you would like to bring with you and how much you’re willing to minimize your belongings.

Don’t forget about maneuvering the vehicle itself. Unless you’re going really big, no states require special licensing to drive an RV, but the feel can take some getting used to compared with traditional motor vehicles. If you’re wanting to travel using a tiny home on wheels, you will need to consider the price of gas and decide how to best explore, sightsee, park, and run errands without going outside your budget.

Finances: Determining Sources of Income

Unlike those who travel around in an RV after retirement, those living the RV lifestyle while working will require a steady source of income. Fortunately, many employment options are available depending on your education, experience, or skillset.

You can start up a business, freelance creating content, have a fully remote job, find temp gigs, or perform contractual work to keep the wheels moving forward. Thanks to the shift in the market over the last few years and the rising demand for remote jobs, full-time RVers can afford to live on the road without as many budgetary limits.

How To Step Up Your New Office

Creating an ideal workspace in an RV can be tricky due to smaller spaces or changing weather conditions. The best-case scenario is to set up a work zone at a table—not a bed—and prioritize adequate lighting and ergonomics. Nobody wants to hunch over or squint at a small screen for hours on end.

Organizing a Comfy Workspace

Cleanliness and organization are essential to creating harmony between living spaces and workspaces in an RV. Clutter in your workspace will only clutter up your mind and make it harder to be productive. If you cannot have a dedicated desk, at least organize your supplies and materials in a set place to pull out and pack away; this distinction will help your workday run more smoothly.

The Key: Mastering Internet Access

To live and work remotely in an RV, you need to master its various electrical and mechanical systems. The most significant of all is your internet access. No remote worker wants to be without a reliable source of Wi-Fi when a deadline or scheduled Zoom meeting is rapidly approaching. To enjoy the flexibility and freedom of going anywhere and working anytime, you will need access to a reliable wireless internet connection.

Unfortunately, a good internet connection can be more difficult for those in the workamper community to find when camping or traveling in an RV. Parking near a Wi-Fi source at a business or library can be an option part of the time, as well as using signal extenders or antennas.

Many digital nomads decide to invest in a personal Wi-Fi hotspot or a mobile router with dependable 3G, 4G, or LTE data. Plans and prices may vary depending on contracts or gigabytes used. However, this isn’t always the case—you can shop around and explore wireless internet options before making the critical decision for your on-the-go living and working space.

Unlimited High-Speed Cellular Internet

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Life on the Road: How To Live and Work in an RV
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